Apple Confirms iPhone 4S Compatibility Issues With China Mobile SIM Cards

Posted on Feb 7 2012 - 3:30pm by Editorial Staff

According to, Apple has confirmed that iPhone 4S handsets users are unable to activate their phones with the use of a China Mobile SIM card, with some suffering from a complete loss of signals and other some are unable to receive calls despite having a full signal.

Publication further states, “China Mobile customer service said that a number of mobile SIM cards do exist are not compatible with country line version iPhone4S cut card users the possibility of incompatibilities is less than the direct use of the operating room to replace the small SIM card.”

Apple customer service staff said, “The cause iPhone4S with some of China Mobile SIM card is not compatible with an important reason is the instability of the phone system being upgraded its U.S. headquarters engineers, will launch a new version to solve this problem.”

All of that besides, China already waited a long for the iPhone 4S to launch and now with the current issues somehow not-to-affect much love for the device – the iPhone 4S is considered as a world phone, allowing people to use both CDMA as well as GSM networks – however China Mobile can only support iPhone users on its 2G GSM network with China Unicom utilizing its 3G WCDMA network.

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