Apple Being Asked By UK Court Of Appeal In London To Remove ‘Incorrect’ Samsung Statement From Its Website

Posted on Nov 1 2012 - 1:38pm by Editorial Staff

Nothing better than when two giants show their love but in legal way, but even more special when among those giants one have to bear “better” consequences on doing the thing wrong. I am talking about the lower court which ordered Apple a month back to add the statement which states that “Samsung did not copy the design of the iPad and did not infringe a key Apple patent.

Over response to this, Apple did, but the key thing missing in response. Today, the Cupertino-based giant has been “forced” by the UK Court of Appeal in London to remove that “incorrect” statement about Samsung from its Apple UK website, reports Bloomberg and asked to put the thing properly. The court had given Apple 24 hours to remove the anti-Samsung statement. It is believe to going to be very good “social drama.”

(Image Credit: AllVoices)

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