Apple (Again) Annoys Judge Posner Over Case Against Motorola

Posted on May 2 2012 - 4:58am by Editorial Staff

I know this piece of story is serious at some stage but on a whole it makes me laugh at first extend. FOSS Patents reports that Judge Posner scolds Apple’s lawyers as Apple again annoying the judge in case against Motorola. Judge Posner called Apple but this time for giving an explicit warning that it may be forbidden from filing future motions without express permission from the court. Judge Posner went on to make it clear Apple has received its final warning: “I deny the second half of Apple’s motion (seeking prohibition of the deposition) as frivolous and the first half (seeking substitution) as untimely. I’ve had my fill of frivolous filings by Apple. The next such motion, and I shall forbid it to file any motions without first moving for leave to file.”

What you think is it worthwhile for giving Apple the final warning although Judge Posner known well for his strict ordeal.

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