Anonymous Hacks More Than 500 Websites In China

Posted on Apr 5 2012 - 10:12am by Editorial Staff

The hacker group Anonymous has recently defaces government and commercial site with a message predicting the downfall of the Chinese government, although all the central government sites are appear to be fine. The group claimed to have compromised more than 500 websites (for complete list click here) over the past couple of days. The group posted the following message — still visible at the time of this publishing — predicting the downfall of the Chinese government, to the Central Business District in Chengdu:

Dear Chinese government, you are not infallible, today websites are hacked, tomorrow it will be your vile regime that will fall. So expect us because we do not forgive, never. What you are doing today to your Great People, tomorrow will be inflicted to you. With no mercy.

The message then addresses the people of China, saying: “Each of you suffers from the tyranny of that regime which knows nothing about you. We are with you. With you here and now. But also tomorrow and the coming days so promising for your freedom. We will never give up. Don’t loose [sic] hope, the revolution begins in the heart.”

Meanwhile, a hacker told Reuters that he broke into the Beijing-based China National Import & Export Corp. (CEIEC) and made off with a range of documents, including information on U.S. military transport information. The company’s Web site says it specializes in “defense electronics system integration.”

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