Anonymous Great Firewall Of China Mission

Posted on Apr 12 2012 - 10:50am by Editorial Staff

The hacker group Anonymous which last week hacked more than 500 Chinese websites stated earlier that it plans to launch further bigger attacks on Chinese government websites in a bid to uncover corruption and lobby for human rights. ZDNet reports that Anonymous urges to take down the Great Firewall of China means they want to do hacking activities more i.e. bigger plans to attack Chinese sites.

Anonymous China has hacked, publicly posting eight user names and passwords on Pastebay. This was soon followed by the hacking of, which resulted in the site’s full database being leaked and posted to Wikisend. The document was hard to parse, but I could easily see that it included thousands of e-mail addresses, logins, and passwords.

Below is a message from the one of the members, posted on Pastebay:


we won’t speak in name of @AnonymousChina, this time, we are going to speak in name of every single Anonymous person.

Anonymous is an idea and we aren’t here for tell you that over and over again.

In this moment, that you are reading this, we are going to tell you why “the haters” should like Anonymous.

Of course, that would be more exciting and more inspiring if this message was a video in YouTube, with someone talking and pictures and a song that touch in your heart.

So before we start, try to make yourself inspiring, play your song and let’s start.

Like we said, we are not going to talk about what is Anonymous, probably you already heard many times, and still, you think bad about us.

First, about Anonymous hackers.

We deface and leak government websites, we DoX politics, we try to share this particullary words:”Something is wrong in our world”.

So for that, i don’t know why people still support their government, even knowing the truth, well deep inside.

For those who hate that Anonymous go to protests, made a Free Hug day.

What is your problem? Do you like that banks and the government still your money?

Do you like to have no human rights? Do you like to be with no job?

I think the answer is no!

So if you read this and still think the same, read again and with a song more touching.

If now you are part of an idea, welcome my friend, we were expecting you.

We will always love everyone in the 99% if you are part of the 1%, because you are rich and don’t are about people… We all hope you chnage your mind and help us.

Here are the tweets regarding the Great Firewall of China mission:

To all people, reply this tweet saying all chinese websites you know that are blocked.

Chinese government sweet dreams ;] Great Firewall – Power: 100% … 90% .. 50% … 20% … Power off. #GFW will be dead soon. #Anonymous

Chinese people, world people, … reporters too, #GFW we all want it dead, wont be easy… Don’t expect in next week, or whatever lol

One day we are few, in the other we are some, the next day we are many… a few days after, we are China and all world against this system!

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