Anonymous Claims ‘Anonymous-OS’ Is Not Real

Posted on Mar 15 2012 - 1:08pm by Editorial Staff

Today earlier we reported that Anonymous had released its own operating system but the news that is coming now will definitely give a push to those 20,000 users who had downloaded the operating system, as Anonymous claims that the operating system “Anonymous-OS” is not real. Anonymous through its Twitter accounts tweeted that the operating system is in fact fake, and is “wrapped in Trojans”. On the SourceForge also few of the users put up the comment that it is fake, but it still having a user rating of 62%, with 37 users giving it the thumbs up.

The post on Anonymous-OS Tumblr account now says that:

The #anonops on their twitter account say “That Anonymous-OS is wrapped in trojans.”

Please people… in our world, in Linux and opensource world, there is not virus.

If any user believe that Anonymous-OS “is wrapped in trojans” or “backdoored OS by any Law enforcement Company or Hacker” please don’t download it!

But don’t mislead the world that Linux is dangerous and has trojans!


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