Andy Rubin Thought Sun Would Bring ‘D Players’

Posted on Apr 26 2012 - 5:55am by Editorial Staff

With the ongoing Oracle and Google trial actual dispute over Java and Android is said to be extremely small as Sun wanted just $30-50 million for a Java license, by Eric Schmidt’s estimation. The question surrounds here why Google is not paying? According to Andy Rubin email which he had wrote to Eric Schmidt in a 2006 suggesting that he could “smell fear” and that Sun would probably accept a final price of $28m for a Java license. However, Rubin also warned that Google “did such a good job of convincing them our platform was a good idea, they want to have a hand in its design and ‘own’ parts where they have no value add.”

Sun is really good at writing specs and will be especially good at bear-hugging us with countless droids (not the good kind) who are D players. The opportunity Google has is to approach the wireless industry from a clean slate. If are not careful, partnering with Sun will also bring all sorts of industry baggage that results in least common denominator designs built by consensus. The handset industry is ripe for an innovator like Google to flush out the crap that’s been circling the bowl for years.

Rubin continued in saying that he will change his negotiating approach happily if needed since he was representing Google. Then-CEO Eric Schmidt responded that Larry Page was “loathe to accept any restrictions” on Google’s behaviour which results in Google refusing to take a license to Java or let Sun be involved in Android, resulting in current legal turf.

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