An Ultimate Guide To European Street Food

Posted on Nov 28 2014 - 8:01am by Alexandra Ashton


When visiting some new places you want to find out every detail about that place, right? You want to know everything about things to see, places to be and food to eat. Luckily you can always do research before you go on your trip to find out everything you need to know. Whenever you are going on a trip, leave some time for spontaneity. Sometimes you will experience the most amazing things when you relax and forget about rules and plans you set. When visiting Europe you will have a lot of attractions to see no matter what country you go. Because Europe is an old continent, each town has some local old monuments which are their proud and joy. It is amazing to think how many thing that monuments survived. Food has always been the huge part of European traditions and it is a great way to get to know a new city. By trying some local specialties you will be a part of a long tradition. Like their monuments, most of their local specialities have been there through centuries.

Usually, street food is a quick meal or a snack that you can buy in a public place like a street or a market. To get taste of some local food specialities you just need to find street food vendor and buy some delicious treats. Some street foods have spread beyond the borders of that country so if you are lucky you can even try it in your home town. If you are visiting Portugal you should try tart called Pastel de Nata. Daily, 19,000 of Pastel de Nata are sold in Lisbon which says everything. Not trying these amazing egg custard tarts will be a great mistake. Check out this infographic to find out more amazing European street food and be prepared to open up your appetite.


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