Akamai Reports Global Average Broadband Speeds Up By 25%, Now At 2.6Mbps

Posted on Aug 9 2012 - 1:07pm by Editorial Staff

Akamai in its first quarter 2012 State of the Internet report, the speed for broadband connections is steadily on the rise, it is now at 2.6Mbps, up by 25% on the global scale. South Korea holds the top position with an average connection speed of 5.7Mbps while the US now at 6.7Mbps, up by 29% on last year and 17% from the previous quarter.

The company noted that attack traffic is on the rise, with China accounting for 42 percent originating from Asia Pacific while the top 10 ports for attack traffic accounting for 77% of all attacks. Europe accounted for 35% of all attack traffic originations, while North and South America accounted for 21%. Count to here, the US comes at second position to that of China if counting on individual country basis, with 11% of all total attacks.

Other things to note:

  • Akamai notes that it registered 666 million unique IP addresses from 238 countries
  • South Korea has high-speed broadband penetration of 53%. Japan is at 37%, Hong Kong is at 28%, Latvia is at 26% and the Netherlands is at 24%.  Overall, 125 countries are seeing increases in speed over last year.
  • Worldwide some 65 carriers had speeds greater than 1Mbps while three carriers analysed had connection speeds below 500kbps
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