Ahead Of Windows Blue Announcement, Microsoft Changes Windows 8 Tablet Specs

Posted on Mar 29 2013 - 5:36pm by Editorial Staff


There is no doubt when something new coming on the way, the old one will definitely to go through some good altered phase. This is what has happened in the case of Microsoft Windows 8 tablet since the news of its new Windows Blue already in the air. Spotted by ZDNet’s ED Bott, the alternation now allows the hardware builders to create Windows tablets with a minimum resolution of 1024 X 768.

Interestingly, with the recent leaks of Windows Blue, it has been adhere that the software giant is changing its Snap View support to let 1024 X 768 users taking advantage of a 50 / 50 Snap View. The changes are deliberately the part of 7-inch and 8-inch improved support form factors as well as Microsoft’s official guidance notes that “partners exploring designs for certain markets could find greater design flexibility helpful.”

System.Client.Tablet.Graphics.MinimumResolution relaxed for Windows 8

We’re changing the System.Client.Tablet.Graphics.MinimumResolution requirement to create a consistent minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 at a depth of 32 bits across all Windows 8 system form factors. The physical dimensions of the display panel must still match the aspect ratio of the native resolution. This doesn’t imply that we’re encouraging partners to regularly use a lower screen resolution. In fact, we see customers embracing the higher resolution screens that make a great Windows experience. We understand that partners exploring designs for certain markets could find greater design flexibility helpful.

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