Acrylic Inspirations: Stunning Coffee Tables

Posted on Feb 11 2014 - 9:11am by Mark Long

Acrylic Inspirations

Who says coffee tables are meant to be boring and in the way? Designers have come up with the brilliant idea of making coffee tables out of acrylic. This creative design adds a modern touch to any decor. Acrylic coffee tables are ideal for tight spaces. Any designer working with this type of decor can create the illusion that a small room is larger. The added advantage of working with clear furniture is how the light is reflected through the acrylic and is not stopped by a piece of wood or whatever solid material the table may be made of.

Interior decorators are thrilled to be able to use acrylic inspired designs because the shapes, sizes and uses are limitless. From a living room with kids to a restaurant wanting to create a new modern look; this new design is a suitable choice. The clean smooth edge is not sharp and does not shatter like most glass tables.

The benefits of using acrylic material versus an alternative to glass, is that acrylic is shatter resistant and tougher than glass. It is also a lot lighter. The materials used to make acrylic is consistent, no matter how thick or thin the piece of furniture is made into, it will always be clear unless purposefully tinted. Glass on the other hand has a green tint to it the thicker it becomes. Although the material is more durable than glass, like any other piece of furniture, the acrylic is susceptible to developing a patina of scratches and scores if not cared for properly.

Not only does it work for the small or large home, it also works in the business world as well. In an office this innovative new furniture adds eye popping pizzazz to any decor. The latest in fashion is the use of acrylic furniture in restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels. Some companies are getting into the new trend and have begun producing different colors for luminous tabletops in different sizes. The customer has multiple choices of colors from sapphire, crystal, peridot, topaz to emerald. They are also offering a frosted red to clear complimentary colors for the chairs. The different designs of the chairs can vary greatly and at times they are referred to as the ghost chair because it looks as if a person is sitting on nothing.

With acrylic furniture becoming more popular, more stores are beginning to offer acrylic products. With so many options to choose from, consumers can now find just the right piece to fit their needs by visiting any of the thousands of physical and online stores.

Designers creating works of arts have given the acrylic table its own personality that can change with any person’s style. This piece of furniture can go from chic and sassy, hip and modern, to contemporary with the ease of changing the style and color scheme of a room. Some creative designers have fashioned beautiful fish tanks, bookcases, display cases and all sorts of different designs out the acrylic materials. The inspirations to create beautiful acrylics are inspiring and endless. All it takes is a creative mind.

About the Author

Mark Long being a legendary author and have hands on experience in working with leading interior designers on leading cafes all over the globe. His recent creative idea is to throw off the old cafe styled furniture’s and bring up acrylic inspirations on cafe chairs and cafe tables in order to make the style more prominent.