A Twitter Guide To Airports (Infographic)

Posted on Aug 27 2013 - 12:26am by Alexandra Ashton

Compared with other consumer companies, airlines—with their array of rules, occasional standings’, delayed departures and lost luggage—can be particularly vulnerable to real-time complaints in social media. Some of these have famously gone viral with embarrassing results for airlines, such as when musician Dave Carroll made a YouTube video titled, “United Breaks Guitars,” which has been viewed more than 9.4 million times. Delta said it sees social media channels like Twitter and Facebook as a chance to offer better customer service, creating a channel called @DeltaAssist to offer customers quick fixes, such as rebookings and reimbursements. Sometimes that means even waiving rules that consumers typically find unbendable at airlines.

Whilst airlines are catching up with the Twittering trends, many airports seem to be lagging behind by losing out on a way of engaging and influencing people in a meaningful way. The tech-savvy airports realise that by utilising social media forums such as Twitter they can help visitors to navigate their way through the airport as efficiently as possible. A Twitter page can answer questions on arrivals and departures, on how to get help at the airport and on what you will find when you are there. It can become another form of customer service that people can access immediately, and those with busy lives require services that can fit in seamlessly with their technology without having to leave their seats.

One of the best things about Twitter is that you don’t have to wade through a lot of text or dozens of Internet pages to find out what’s happening. You can access Twitter with hand-held technology, laptops and desktops and instantly check last-minute getaway availability or connect with other travelers and read their views on airlines and airports. Why not check out our infographic and see how useful other Twitter tips could be.

A Twitter Guide To Airports infographic

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