A Guide To Attractions And Things To Do In Rottnest Island

Posted on Jul 29 2013 - 1:38pm by Maria

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island offers many unique natural attractions and exciting tours and activities. It’s Western Australia’s all-family premier island destination. Rottnest Island has 63 fantastic beaches, so it’s no wonder why tourists rush here every year for the vacation of a lifetime! So, what one can do up there, let’s explore it out:


Wadjemup Lighthouse

You can either ride a bike or take the Bayseeker bus service up the Wadjemup Hill. From the Wadjemup Lighthouse, you can experience the most thrilling and breathtaking 360 degree views of the island surrounded by the brilliant blue Indian Ocean waters.

Rottnest Island Salt Lakes

The salt lakes of Rottnest are a lovely pink in color due to the high salt and bacteria content. The lakes are so full of salt that you can sit on the water and float without sinking. Many bird species roost around the salt lakes, totally at home amidst the picturesque scenery.

Rottnest Island Beaches

Rottnest Island has several amazing beaches such as Cape Vlamingh, Fish Hook Bay, Geordie Bay, Little Armstrong, Parker Point, Ricey Beach, Stark Bay, Strickland Bay, and West End and so on. Here are some of the best family beaches in Rottnest Island.

Salmon Bay: Salmon Bay is a beautiful, peaceful beach with several cozy coves. It is unspoilt and wild, with clear green water and fine white sand, with large sand dunes framing the beach. Dolphins love to surf the waves on this beach.

The Basin: The Basin is a protected little bay; it’s perfect to take your kids paddling and swimming. Reef snorkeling and fishing are great here as well, since the waters are clear and shallow.

Parakeet Bay: This is another calm and clear little bay, free of crowds and especially beautiful during sunset. The white sand beach is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It’s a great beach for swimming and fishing, with crystal clear waters.


You can enjoy myriad activities here, including fishing, boating, surfing, snorkeling, swimming and diving.


Recreational fishing is a favorite activity here. Fish are abundant here in the reefs and the sea grass. Several species of migratory fish are also present. Migratory fish include Tailor, Australian Herring, Skipjack Trevally, Sea Garfish and School Whiting. Sea grass fish include the Cobbler and Long-headed Flathead.


Rottnest Island contains some of the best surfing conditions in Western Australia. Surfers and body-boarders prefer Salmon Bay, Stark Bay and Strickland Bay (rated as one of the top 50 breaks in the world). Rottnest Island has larger waves than those found at neighboring Perth.


Scuba divers are constantly fascinated to explore the diverse coral species, colorful fish and the many shipwrecks that dot the waters around Rottnest Island.


The waters are so clear and shallow in many Rottnest Beaches, that even non-snorkelers feel tempted on to pull on snorkeling gear. There is such a diversity of coral species, fish and shipwrecks that many snorkelers from Perth and other neighboring areas visit Rottnest Island for some quality snorkeling time.


The best way to explore and enjoy all of Rottnest Island’s many scenic delights is to take a bike tour. Hire a bike and explore the amazing beaches and the enchanting township of Rottnest Island.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Leroy Chew

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