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Redwood City is located in state of California of United States of America. The city is a charter city and if you don’t know, a charter city has a difference of way of governing than normal cities. A charter city does not exactly follow state or national law, in fact they are governed by charter document and that is the reason they are called charter city. More than 110 cities of California are charter cities out of total of 478. Redwood City is basically has Mediterranean climate, having warm and dry summers and went winters. The temperature of the city hasn’t gone up of 43 degree Celsius since 1972. So even in the peak summer seasons the area is bearable and nice place to have holidays. The county of Humboldt holds some amazing scenic areas and hiking trails. The area holds some amazing and probably the tallest tress of the world.

I have been always fascinated by the area that offers a perfect opportunity for photography. I had seen the beautiful sceneries of Redwood National and States Park and knew the experience of photography will be amazing. For a photographer, environment plays an important role for getting into the rhythm and shooting some good images and pictures. I have seen from my earlier experience and it is amazing how one can do when they get a perfect and peaceful environment to capture the beauty of the nature. My love to the nature is the reason of my photography as profession. I have my whole home walls having some great images of my own photography printed on cheap photo printing for interior décor. It is just amazing how the acrylic prints bring out the best of natural scenery. For younger photographers, who want to be professional nature photographer I will be sharing a bit of my experience of my visit to Redwood National Park.

My visit was solely for the purpose of photography of the site and major attraction of its amazing trees. When you are planning to go for a trip for photography make sure that you go well equipped. That does not mean that you pick all of your cameras and accessories and start the tour. You need to plan with care and ask for guidance in case you think you are not sure of what equipment to take with you. Over filling your bag and backpack means too much heavy and when you are walking on trails and around the forest, being heavy is not a good idea. Pack anti-mosquito lotion, a water bottle and tracking equipment as compulsory.

Once you are there, always start early. The light of sun early in the morning is like capturing golden moments. You cannot imagine what effects the golden light gives in the morning to the image you are capturing. Early in the morning gives you amazing opportunities to capture some amazing birds as well. Getting animals and birds in the pictures give you an additional object to focus. Animals and birds in natural environment and specially the area where the frequency of tourist is high like in Redwood National Park tend to be bolder and don’t just fly way as you approach. That gives you extra opportunities for zoomed and more focused photography. Having a stand will help you as well, sometimes you get a place to shoot tree with their background of sky and that kind of photography may need a tripod stand. Try carrying a portable tripod that is not that heavy.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Sam_Catch

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