8 Best Dieting Tips That Every Bride Must Follow

Posted on Sep 19 2013 - 10:33am by Nelson Homes


Getting married is a great motivator to get in amazing shape. Every bride wants to flaunt a slim and trim figure on their wedding day.

If you are struggling to shed excess weight from your body and feel like you are in a losing battle, do not despair. It is true that weight loss is something that cannot be achieved overnight. However, with proper planning and right measures, you can lose weight healthily and get a fabulous body before your big day. The following tips will help you reduce your waistline so that you can fit amazingly in your beautiful white gown.

Manage your calorie intake

Depending upon your body type and requirements, set your calorie range that you will aim to consume every day. Be realistic and set measurable goals that you can achieve. Resist the urge to drastically cut calories, and instead manage your calorie intake throughout the day. Eating low calorie foods throughout the day gives you some room to indulge in a treat. But, this does not mean you should indulge heavily on high calorie foods.

Eat little and often

Some people may think that eating six meals a day is crazy, and will actually add on extra calories. Well, this may sound odd, but studies have shown that the body hastens metabolism when the stomach is not left empty during the entire course of the day. Not eating slows down your body metabolism, and whatever you eat after a long time is stored as fat.

Hence, graze on healthy foods throughout the day to stay energetic and full, and to prevent overindulging during meal times.

Go for smart snacking

Spending the day running wedding errands can leave you hungry and tired. Follow a sensible diet that includes plenty of healthy munchies on hand. You can select fiber-rich foods, which not just help in healthy digestion, but they also improve your satiety for a long time, thus preventing untimely munching on unhealthy snacks. Some of the fiber sources include whole grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables. So, load up on fiber to lose weight to get in to the wedding dress.

Understand your metabolism type

Many people realize that in spite of following strict diet regimes, they are unable to lose weight successfully. Well, this is due to their slow body metabolism. So, if you wish to achieve your weight loss goals before your big day, you need to identify your metabolism type. Every person has different body type and body metabolism. By combing the right types of foods, you can increase your metabolic rate, which in turn will help you shed excess calories.

Cook fresh meals at home

The key to avoid putting on calories is to cook fresh meals at home. Use fresh ingredients to prepare your meals at home. This will prevent you from depending on take aways or restaurants. Plan the meals on weekend and stock your kitchen with the required ingredients. All your efforts go in vain, if your healthily chosen foods are cooked in deep fry. Hence, apart from choosing smart foods, you need to cook them in a healthy way. This includes steaming, stir frying or roasting.

Watch what you drink

You are likely to be attending lots of parties as you get closer to your wedding day. One may not realize but those fruity cocktails and mocktails in long glasses are loaded with calories and sugar. So, if you are in a party mode, stick to sparkling water and avoid going for juices or sodas. If you want to choose something from alcohol beverages, try white wine spritzers over cocktails or juices. Drink tons of water and green tea to shed calories and get rid of toxins from the body.

Establish a sleep routine

Well, this may sound surprising, but decrease in sleep can impede weight loss results. This is because lack of sleep or interrupted sleep results in hormone fluctuations, which in turn lead to decrease in leptin levels (a hormone that makes you feel full) and increase in gherlin levels (a hormone that makes you feel hungry). Therefore, after a long night disturbed sleep, you feel more hungry, and not to mention more cranky. The best approach to having a good night’s sleep is to ensure that you sleep in a dark room.

Manage stress

There is no doubt that many brides can have a stressful time planning their wedding. But, that stress should not affect your eating habits or sleep patterns, especially if you are prone to emotional eating. Research has indicated that stress stimulates the release of cortisol hormone that promotes storage of fat in the body. Manage stress and enjoy the planning details of your wedding, so that you can have fun on your big day as well as days leading to your wedding day.

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