7 Amazing Tips For Travelling To Bangkok With Kids

Posted on Apr 27 2017 - 8:54am by Editorial Staff

Traveling to a foreign country is always a hectic affair. The situation is even more frantic if you consider factoring in kids. The rough skies, unforeseen expenses, crazy immigration officers and other potential hassles make traveling a troublesome affair.

However, if you are planning to travel to Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok with kids, do not fret. We have compiled a detailed guide on how to make the traveling journey much easier and fun-filled. We do not plan on providing you with extra space on the plane or provide your little-one with magical sceneries; we are here to arm you with some entertainment ideas, survival tactics, and pragmatic information to make traveling more satisfying.

Tips for Travelling to Bangkok with Kids

// Before flight

Book ahead

Whether you plan on camping, staying at a hotel or the exotic Villa Sanyanga in Phuket, it pays to always book/pay ahead before you arrive. Bangkok is known to host thousands of tourists each year, and therefore retaining the spontaneity of travel before kids is an error you should evade to avoid missing tent or a place to rest.

Prepare for the climate

Having a clear knowledge of the climatic condition of your touring destination is an important factor. The climatic condition will determine which clothes to carry for kids, which is the best time to visit and where to visit.

Bangkok has a tropical climate, with summers having a great deal of sun and rain, while the winter is at a minimum. On average, Bangkok has an all high temperature averaging at 28 degrees Celsius. Therefore, no need to pack unnecessary baggage’s such as gloves, leather jackets or furred hoods for your kid while traveling to Bangkok.

// During Flight

Consider Breaking the Flights

Long-haul flights are not ideal for kids and toddlers. You can consider cutting the journey to Bangkok into two short journeys for your kid to handle the flight. Although this is a costlier option, your kid will not be itching to get off the plane after the 10-hour flight.

Keep the kids busy with Toys and Gadgets

During flights, it`s time to break the 30-min TV rule. The in-flight infotainment system will offer a companion to your kid, keeping him busy, and engrossed. If you have an iPod or iPad, you can give it to him to lay some games or listen to some music.

// Bangkok


A 2106 survey indicates that Bangkok is a home to more than 8M residents. You don`t want your kid to get lost on your visit to the city. To avoid any mishaps, you might consider keeping your business card or a small piece of paper with your number in the child’s pockets in the event you get separated.


Bangkok is known to have an efficient transport system that appeals to many kids. Instead of hiring and expensive cab, you might consider taking a train ride or a ferry.

Staying healthy

The health of your kid is as important as yours. Finding an ideal location with good catering, clean accommodation and a healthy dish such is paramount for the safety of your kid.

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