6 Ways In Which Small Business Owners Can Save On Tax

Posted on Nov 3 2017 - 7:29pm by Editorial Staff

As the financial comes to a close, there is a dash towards filling the tax returns for your businesses. It is very essential to know about the financial condition of your business. At least, one should know about the cash flows and the taxes that will need paying when the time comes. It is very important to not show any lethargy when it comes to filling taxes! Any signs of late payment or negligence will only cause increase in the back pay and at worse could even lead to freezing of assets by tax enforcement agencies!

Now that we know it is needed to pay the taxes, we need to accept another fact that nobody likes to pay taxes. It is cumbersome despite being a necessary aspect in any economy. Especially for the small businesses and startups, it is a moment of desperation to see their tiny amounts of profits getting sucked into the tax void! So here are some of the ways in which you can use to save on your tax returns.

Get Under an Umbrella!

This is an effective way of managing your assets. And when it comes to financials it is all that matters! You need to be able to effectively pay your taxes without having to get a headache when filing the returns.

And coming under an umbrella company has its own benefits that can prove to be a boon for serial entrepreneurs.

In simple terms an umbrella company is the parent company of all your ventures. Basically, all your ventures become subsidiaries of a single incorporated company. This definitely simplifies your venture taxations. The umbrella company keeps track of all the revenues and profits from all its subsidiaries, and then gets taxed on that basis. It is certainly easier to pay to keep track of the paperwork from a single entity rather than multiple ones.

Insurance for Your Business

This might not even have crossed your minds, when thinking about saving taxes. In fact, it feels like an unnecessary sink for the revenues you generate. But let me assure you, that it is completely worth it.

You might wake up one day to find out that some sort of catastrophe has struck your business, like breaking down of machinery, fire breakouts or burglary. In those instances, you will appreciate your foresight when getting insurance for your business.

Also, all the monthly fees that go towards this are tax-deductible. It will really help you at the end of the year to have some slack in the tax rates.

Change in Location for Incorporation

No, this is not some act of superstition! Instead it is meant to allow you to take smart decisions for the good of your business. In an upcoming startup, you will definitely want to save on every possible space you can when it comes to taxes.

There are some states in the country which provide a different tax regime, compared to the rest of everywhere else. It is ok if you are working in one particular state and are incorporated in another. It is really useful if any business can save some extra cents in every little way. At the end of the day the decision is entirely upto the entrepreneur, but it is still another thought to ponder over.

Contribute to Your Retirement Fund

If you are able to generate a good amount of profits in your business lifecycle, then this is definitely another way to cut back on your tax rates. Also, it is a good practice to stay prepared for the rainy days that might spring up anytime.

Retirement funds are a great way for tax deductions. They help you in saving up more of your profits and then investing it back into your venture.

Hire A Family Member

This is widely favored as an effective way when it comes to tax deduction. Tax enforcement agencies provide a variety of options to save on the taxes if you hire a close family member into the business. With this strategy there are many ways you will be able to save up on your marginal tax rates. This is a great investment for a long-term investment into your business.

Look Out for The Tax Deductions

Some of the people out there might find tax deductions just another way to skip paying taxes and disobeying the laws. But it is not so! It is completely legal to save on your taxes provided you do it within the defined boundaries of the law! The bottom line id to stay away from any legal malpractices attorney while on a hunt for deductions.

So, it is a good idea to visit your attorney and accountant for further advice on how you can take the necessary steps to keep your business growing and effectively manage your resources.

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