6 Tips To Stop Snoring

Posted on Dec 5 2017 - 4:04pm by Editorial Staff

It’s unhealthy, irritating and can ruin your relationship –but can you really beat snoring? Well, as per a recent study, 89% of the people whose spouse snore lose an average of 1/5 hours of their sleep every night. In this number, a lot of partners branded their spouse’s snoring as merely annoying while some sleep starved and others said that snoring was a major cause of argument between them. So, to be honest, if someone’s sleeping habit is enhancing your insomnia, then it is not comfortable, it is relationship ruining. But, what should snoring sufferers do to get rid of this habit? Well, here are some tips to stop snoring:

Do not sleep on your back

Avoid sleeping on your back. As sometimes your tongue falls back and adds to your airway resistance. Make use of pillows as bolsters to lay on your side. Some professionals advice to sew tennis balls into the pocket of your T-shirt and wear it back to front to use it as proper upper. You can also use specially designs pillows which prohibit snoring.

Go for a lifestyle change

Smoking, drugs, alcohol, sedative medicines and muscle relaxants worse your snoring habit. Try to stay away from them for some time and see if it really makes a difference. Commence first by getting rid of the glass of beer or wine in the eve and see if you notice some improvement. Do not stop taking your prescribed medications before consulting a doctor. You can also consult them for your snoring habit and find aid in this regard.

Change your mattress

When you’re tired of your snoring habits, then there are chances your mattress may be responsible for it. Just elevate your head to reduce your snoring. You can also change you sleeping position. There are some online brands which provide you with mattresses that can stop your snoring. They are designed specially to lower down your snoring. Buy one of those and get rid of your snoring habit.

Shed some weight

People who are actually overweight snore more. Once you lose weight, you will get rid of fatty tissues from your throat back and witness a decline in your snoring. Extra weight narrows your airway, making breathing at night time more noisy.

Keep your bedroom air moist

Dry air irritates your nose and throat membrane allowing it to swell. It may lead to snoring. Make use of a humidifier in your bedroom during your sleep to keep the air of your room moist. If your room will be humidified, there will be no nasal congestion and you will have cleaner air to breathe.

Tone up

Every exercise you do along with abdominal exercises help in toning your muscle near your throat area which eventually helps in less snoring.

If you’re suffering from chronic snoring problems, then along with these measures, it is advisable that you see an ENT specialist. This will help you find out a better cure for your problem.

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