6 Tips For Saving Money At Shopping Centers

Posted on Aug 30 2018 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff

Saving money buy shopping discounts and using coupons is almost a source of pride for many people. Understandably so. With the rise in popularity of shopping centers, it’s evident that there are some hungry customers. However, no matter how much of a seasoned veteran you are when it comes to shopping outlet malls, there are certain tips you need to remember.

Compare Prices Online

In order to maximize the most of your allotted spending budget, certain apps (RedLaser or ShopSavvy) let you hop online to compare prices between products. This allows you to easily determine if a product with a “40% discount” is truly a discount or a simple marketing trick to fool customers into buying.

Shop the Corners

Everyone in the retail industry deploys tactics and techniques to get people to buy. One of these include putting more expensive items at eye-level, keeping less-expensive items on the top or lower shelves. (Go to a local convenience store and see for yourself.) Another technique “insiders” use is by putting as much distance between you and clearance racks. These racks (where the bargains are) are usually towards the back of most stores. (In a shopping center or otherwise.)

Buy Off-Season

Experienced consumers—who expertly know how to save money—always buy off-season. This is because general consumer stores cater to bargain-shoppers to make a profit. This is true especially during the major holidays. However, in order to maximize profits for themselves (so they can stay in business), they attract those bargain-shoppers by offering off-season merchandise. Such as buying a snowboard in the Summer, or buying a surfboard in the fall. (Next week I’m going shopping for winter boots.)

Never Shop Weekends

If you work the average 9-to-5 job, do everything you can to shop during the workweek. This is because you’ve probably noticed that every outlet mall, shopping store and city is overflowing with traffic on weekends. (Especially Saturday.) These are other 9-to-5 workers who have no other time to shop. To save yourself time, do your own shopping earlier during the week – preferably in the morning.

Be Sure of What You’re Buying

You may or may not know that there are a few different types of stores within these centers. Mixing any one of these up can be confusing. These are true outlet stores, factory stores, retail stores, refurbished electronics stores.

True outlets able steep discounts on products discontinued in regular retail stores (Champion, Old Navy)

Factory stores sell products specifically made or outlet malls and centers, which cheaper quality materials (Nike, Oakley)

Retail stores often buy store space without offering outlet products (Aeropostale, Famous Footwear)

Be A Journalist

Visit an outlet center’s website to see exclusive promotions and sales. For example: Grossmont Center contains Target, Macy’s, RH Outlet, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Chuze Fitness, GameStop, Chase Bank, and many more. Rather than visiting each of those store’s websites to see their promotions, visiting the website of the center you intend to visit cuts down drastically on the amount of research and time involved.


While these tips may seem simple, they are foundational. This means that they will save you money and time when you shop at outlet centers – if you use them. Remember: as fun, exciting and wonderful as malls and centers are for building relationships and going out with the family, they are there for businesses to make money. Do not let them steal money from you.

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