50 Things Every Geek Should Know (Infographic)

Posted on Aug 16 2013 - 12:42pm by Alexandra Ashton

How many times have you heard the word geek used as a negative term recently? Probably zero… Because being a geek today is really cool, unlike a few years ago. Although the dictionary describes this type of person as someone peculiar or even dislikable, especially because it might be perceived as someone overly intellectual, we don’t see geeks like this no more. Maybe hipsters, but not geeks…

Currently, there can be different types of geek, with different tastes and interests, but a true nerd is always going back to the basics when he or she needs to.There are the fans of games, always looking for new titles that can entertain them for hours and hours, the fans of computers, who are always updated and can talk about new products and gadgets non-stop, and don’t forget about the ones that cannot live without science fiction series and movies, like “Star Trek” or “Star Wars”, just to name two examples. And then there is the ultimate geek, who gathers all these hobbies in just one human (and very nerdy) body. This is probably the most geek you can go, especially if you’re also that kind of person that knows how to develop programs or, just imagine, know how to use a proxy server to stay anonymous on the web.

Confused? Don’t be. Fortunately, there’s an easy process you can choose to make all the doubts go away about yourself or your friends’ level of geekiness: you can choose to take our ultimate test “50 Things a Geek Should Know”. We have six levels of classification, from the keeg who knows nothing to the KwisatzHaderach and master of the universe. Want to have some fun? Go on, take our test and find more about how much of a geek you can be.

A geek is still defined as an odd or non-mainstream person, but today there are too many aspirants out there, so you cannot trust the first geek-alike you see on the street. You must be careful during your approach and throw some questions waiting for the right answers. Or you can just have fun with our “50 Things a Geek Should Know” test and see a fellow nerd thrive or a poser fail. From movies and television to the internet, there are at least fifty facts that one must know in order to be considered the ultimate geek.

Knowing how to do a barrel roll on Google is just the first of so many talents a real nerd must have to “live long and prosper” in this world. Or could it be on Vulcan? Well, in Vulcan everyone is a geek… Just take this awesome test and find out how much of a geek you or your friends are.

50 Things A Geek Should Know

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