50 Amazing Facts About Nepal

Posted on Jul 17 2014 - 9:06am by Alexandra Ashton


Nepal is a beautiful fantastic country and filled with history on its core that it was as though it rode upon a transformation as majestic and soulful as the popular Nepalese religion Hindu itself. The country is replete with rich landscape and fiery wildlife that even the most experienced travelers in Nepal say they never saw anything like what Nepal could offer. There is a lot to say about Nepal than what can be said by anyone who would dare to describe it. It’s hard to put into words what Nepal has been for so long simply showcasing in broad daylight. Nepal and its wonders are not hidden, and yet the irony is that you cannot simply explain what you’ve seen in the country.

There’s more to Nepal than the regular Himalayas and Abominable Snowmen stories you read all day. If you must be travelling this summer, then it was better that you be travelling in Nepal than at the nearest most electricity-hungry city you can think of. Forget all your gadgets, tablets and hoards of Bob’s Burgers episodes and consider indulging yourself in the world that is only possible to be seen in the insides of Nepal. Go explore the hidden wonders of Nepal and understand why Himalayas is the holy goddess of the Nepalese, why you should not touch the heads of Nepalese people and why the world should help Nepal grow.

This infographic has all the basic facts you might want to learn about Nepal. Here are records of how many people is Hindu and how many are not living beyond a dollar a day in Nepal. This means that you need to know how to help Nepal whatever way you can. There’s also information here about the length of time of Nepal’s planned power cuts to cope with the increasing rightly justified demand for electricity. Go get some learning going on in your life about Nepal now, quick, and pronto, stat.


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