5 Tips To Make Your Business Marketing Magical

Posted on Feb 22 2017 - 2:48pm by Editorial Staff

Marketing your business effectively could be the difference between success and failure. Great ideas, market research, fantastic employees and industry contacts are all vitally important, but if your customers and clients don’t know who you are, then you won’t be receiving any revenue from them.

For businesses large and small, however, marketing can be complicated. There are many channels to choose from and a multitude of tools to use. If you’re not sure where to start, then here are a few tips.

Number 1: Content, content, content

Content marketing is more than a just a buzzword – it is the backbone of many company’s marketing strategy. Creating interesting content on a regular basis helps to create an audience that is interested in your business. What’s more, they don’t just feel like any other customer, they can become engaged and emotionally invested in your brand – if your content strategy works well.

Of course, creating interesting content requires innovative ideas and creative thought – both of which aren’t easy to come by. Hiring the right individuals for your marketing team, therefore, will be vital for your success. Make sure you choose candidates that are comfortable working across a number of mediums, as content now comes in the form of blogs, videos, infographics and even virtual reality.

Number 2: Social success

Social networks are being used by more and more businesses as part of their marketing strategy. They not only provide huge reach – they also let you target specific demographics. Within the larger networks, like Twitter and Facebook, there are huge quantities of data that enable businesses to focus on particular users. Alternatively, more niche social media outlets also let companies spread their advertising and content to the relevant audience.

The key to good social network marketing is creating content that other users want to share. Make it natural, not spammy, and give your audience a reason to share it without having to ask them to.

Number 3: Keep up with the latest trends

In order to ensure that your marketing is cutting-edge rather than old hat, you need to keep up to date with the latest trends. The marketing world is changing quickly, which is why subscribing to industry newsletters or listening to a marketing podcast can help your business to remain relevant. Attending industry events and keeping abreast of how your competitors are acting will also help ensure that your business isn’t getting left behind.

Number 4: It’s not all about online

Even with all the digital tools now available, don’t abandon more traditional marketing methods just yet. Business cards, flyers, face-to-face networking and press releases still have a role to play. Your company can embrace new approaches to marketing without rejecting everything that’s worked for you in the past.

Number 5: A standout brand

For your customers, your brand is your business, so make sure it stands out from the crowd. If your marketing is bland, then people will think that the products and services you offer are bland too. Always include something unique – a piece of your organisation’s individual personality – in order to make your marketing truly magical.

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