5 Restaurants You Must Visit In Calgary

Posted on Nov 3 2017 - 7:24pm by Editorial Staff

Almost every tourist wants to try out something new while visiting a new place. Calgary is one such place which offers you many delights and you will find many unexpected surprises in every nook and corner of this city. Food is one such thing that is done just right here and the many award winning restaurants around prove this fact. If you are a local or a tourist on the lookout for the perfect restaurant for your next meal then we have got you covered. To help you experience a fine dining experience in the most beautiful town in Alberta, we have got a list of the five restaurants that you must absolutely visit while in Calgary.

River Café

This café has been the absolute favorite of both locals and tourists alike for about the last fifteen years. Your trip to Calgary is incomplete without a visit to this iconic café that has been the go to place for almost everyone living or visiting Calgary. Set in the backdrop of the Bow River Valley, this restaurant is located in Prince’s Island Park and is on a lagoon. Apart from the stunning views, the restaurant’s interiors will make you feel as if you are sitting in the lap of nature itself. The restaurant embodies rustic charm in both its interiors and food with dishes made from nature’s finest ingredients. There is never a single best time to visit this restaurant as every time you visit this café, no matter what season, it gives you the finest dining experience.


Located in Inglewood, Rouge has steadily reached a pinnacle that restaurants take many ages to even come close to. In the year 2010, it was even mentioned in the World’s fifty top restaurants list and the reason for it is very much evident. Rouge offers you a unique experience both in terms of ambience and food. Its menu is focused to bring you dishes made from only the freshest ingredients that are many times also seasonal. They have their own vegetable garden that is situated near their kitchen itself. A simple dish is crafted to reach levels of unique complexity but still give you an amazing natural flavor.

Model Milk

Since its inception, Model Milk has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. In 2012, it occupied the second position in enRoute magazine’s list of the best new restaurants. Model Milk concentrates on the local ingredients but with a flavorful twist to blow you away. The restaurant has many fans due to its dishes like Southern BBQ Southern Suppers that make your tummy feel sated and comfortable.


So, when you are done exploring or enjoying the many fun activities in escape room Calgary then don’t forget to replenish your energy through a unique meal at Anju. This restaurant serves traditional Korean dishes with a more contemporary and modern approach. It survived the 2013 floods, only to emerge stronger and better. Some things that you must try here are the tofu, kimchi and the chicken wings. It has many loyal fans due to its finger licking food and spacious ambience.


Blink opened in the year 2007 and has become a favorite among many for its food and exceptional wine selection. You can enjoy the delicacy of French cuisine with the rich flavors of the local ingredients when you visit Blink. The menu is not set and does change regularly but you can be assured that you will get the finest food when you visit this restaurant on Stephen Avenue.

The above were some of the best restaurants in Calgary and you must eat at least in one of them to discover the wonderful array of dishes that Calgary has to offer. Discover a dining experience worth remembering in this picturesque city and fill your heart with infinite memories.

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