5 Printing Industry Trends Impacting Businesses

Posted on Nov 26 2019 - 9:49am by Editorial Staff

Today’s printing industry is constantly innovating to keep up with the growing number of devices and platforms. The printing advancements directly impact businesses on a variety of levels. Modern companies use printers for several reasons every day. From printing internal policies out to producing advertising materials, businesses heavily rely on printers. Thus, business owners need to stay up-to-date on the latest printing industry trends. Successful companies invest in the latest printing technologies in order to meet consumer demands. They also purchase new printers to increase team productivity levels. Continue reading to learn about the current printing industry trends impacting businesses. 

Cloud MPS Adoption

New cloud technology directly influences several industries, and the printing market is no different. Printing industry leaders adopted cloud managed print services (MPS) to improve their operations. This adoption enables printing companies to replace on-premise printing management. Printers deliver print jobs to virtual servers when using this new technology. Since printing plays a major role in most companies’ everyday operations, this management update is crucial. When businesses can fix issues with their printers quickly, they complete projects faster. More so, they avoid spending capital on maintenance. Follow this current printing industry trend because it directly impacts your business. 

Digital Printing

Moreover, digital printing is improving the business environment. While this digital printing service has been around for years, the technologies associated with it have drastically improved. Today, these businesses use digital printing capabilities to perform on-demand printing. This enables businesses to package items at a much faster rate. In turn, you can complete sales orders quickly and keep customer satisfaction rates high. When businesses fail to send their products out in a timely manner, customers grow frustrated. Many even avoid purchasing items again. Others leave negative reviews online as well. You can avoid these unfortunate business outcomes thanks to this printing industry trend. 

IoT Services

The printing industry is also beginning to offer new managed IoT services. Industry leaders plan to integrate their printing systems with top enterprise IoT platforms. These platforms enable companies to improve their asset management. The platforms include fault detection, smart analytics and remote monitoring. With these advanced features, companies can successfully stay up-to-date with their print jobs. Despite the major benefits, this trend also comes with risks. The Internet of Things carries security threats. In the past, printing industry leaders successfully prevented cyber criminals from hacking into their devices. Now that they plan to work with the Internet of Things, they need to change their security strategies. Keep this in mind as the industry continues to make shifts that impact businesses. 

3D Printing

Furthermore, more and more businesses are starting to use 3D printing. When 3D printers first came out, companies and consumers were both shocked. An invention that once seemed foreign became readily available quickly. Businesses today use 3-dimensional printers to accelerate the packaging process. Manufacturers also speed up their workflows with 3D printers. These devices allow you to transform a digital file into a solid object quickly. The printers function off of an additive process. This process involves laying down successive materials. Printers create layers of these materials over and over again until a 3-dimensional object is produced. They save businesses time and boost productivity levels. Since they use less materials during the production process, they also save businesses capital. Hence, this is yet another highly impactful printing industry trend. 

MFP Work Hub

In addition to the above printing industry trends, businesses continue to shift toward multifunction printers (MFPs). More so, companies can use these printers as their own workflow hubs. MFPs print, copy, scan and fax documents. On top of these basic functions, the latest multifunction printers also come with advanced applications. These apps transform typical printers into innovative, productivity-enhancing devices for teams. The apps that industry leaders incorporated into their MFP designs focus on simplifying workflows for companies. They turned their printers into workflow management systems that act as business assistants. Follow this emerging printing industry trend. Take advantage of it to improve your business operations easily. The printing industry is taking advantage of recent technological advancements. The industry’s innovations directly impact businesses, which is why business owners follow the latest trends. Key players in the printing world now use cloud MPS to improve on-premise printing management. Businesses use digital printing technologies to print on-demand and increase productivity levels. More so, IoT services improve asset management, but come with several security risks. 3D printing continues to pleasantly surprise businesses too. Finally, companies can now use multifunction printers as workflow assistants. Keep track of these printing industry trends as they impact businesses all over the world. 

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