5 Peer-To-Peer Review Websites To Know Which Colleges Will Be The Best Fit For You

Posted on Sep 17 2013 - 12:02am by Bernard Naylor


If you’re looking at colleges, it can be challenging to know where to start looking. Since many of the publications about college have been called into question in recent months, you may be looking at the opinions of other students to make your decisions. A collection of students who have attended a school and are willing to give an open and honest review about their school is a huge asset. These are five of the websites you can use to take a closer look at potential schools.

1. Online Degree Reviews

This non-profit website is designed for students who are interested in the virtual classroom. It offers students the chance to hear from other people who have attended online schools and received online degrees that are offered by a variety of colleges and universities. If you want to know some of the best and worst online schools available, then this is a great way to find out. Also, these students talk about different learning methods used, so you can navigate through opinions to find the best option for you.

2. STuVu.com

This site may take you by surprise, but it’s big selling point is that it offers an uncensored college student review. You truly get the nitty gritty details at this website and they have a large list that comprises most of the colleges and universities in the country. Students share information about campus events, what’s going on at their school, and their opinions about the different academic programs, the facilities at the school, and the other opportunities. If you’re looking for a party campus, a great study abroad office, or anything else, you can get a lot of helpful information from this site to make your search easier.

3. RateMyCollege

This is a site by College Times which offers college reviews from students. Although the other sites are great, this organized website makes it easy for students to categorize opinions and break down the information easily. If you’re not interested in wading through just student reviews, then you’re going to be happy with your experience at this site. It’s a fairly comprehensive site and also offers a description of the colleges and universities, giving you some basic information as well as sharing the popular opinions about the school.

4. TheU.com

This site has similar information to the previous ones. It contains student reviews about their colleges and universities that you’re going to find helpful in your search. What makes this sites unique though, is that students share what it takes to get in. If you’re trying to be accepted into a difficult program, then you can get some real tips and strategies from students who have already been admitted to the school and area taking classes. They share what worked for them which can be a huge help when navigating the world of college admissions. This site also contains information about finding scholarships at the school and also finding jobs both on-campus and in the area. You’re missing out on a valuable asset if you skip over this site.

5. MyNextCollege

Students share their insights into the different programs and the college as a whole. However, for each school, it has a helpful hints section for information about finding textbooks, entertainment when you’re bored, and other useful college knowledge that can come in handy. There’s also a forum where you can participate with real students. This is a great way to get your questions answered without having to visit the school and you’ll be surprised how open and honest the students are about their experiences. For anyone who wants to get their real questions answered by someone who’s living the college life, this is a great asset.

These five sites all offer you a good way to experience a college in-depth before you actually attend. If you’re tired of hearing the same thing from every admissions counselor, then you may want to check out one of these sites. For the best results, it’s actually a great idea to look at several of them. College is a big deal, so more opinions are definitely an asset when making a decision. Look at several of these to see if the students are saying the same things and to help you make a decision.

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