5 Feng Shui Tips For Autumn

Posted on Mar 31 2017 - 1:58pm by Editorial Staff

Autumn season has arrived in all its glory. Contradictory to the general perceptions that associate autumn with sadness and gloom, this is actually a season that brings along a host of nature’s prizes and attractions.

Aside from the rustic appeal of nature that makes a characteristic attribute of autumn, the season has its own charm and appeal and is a time to cherish and rejoice good times and memories and look forward to bright new beginnings.

Here are some feng shui tips for autumn to embrace the seasonal charm and attract wellbeing, hope, happiness and prosperity.

Welcome the Harvest of Fall

The season also offers a variety of flowers and fruits in fresh and humble earthy hues. Make sure that you include the fresh seasonal harvest in your daily diet and also put it up as an ornamental display at visible spots in your home.

For instance, fill a pretty glass bowl with fresh autumn flowers, fruits, and vegetables and put it on display on your kitchen counter or dining table. This will add a dab of freshness to the insides and is an omen for prosperity and wellbeing as per the feng shui principles.

Add a Handful of Colours to the Ambiance

Prevent the winter blues from penetrating your home by dousing your house in dabs of fall colours. Shades and variants of red, orange, yellow, dull green and browns are associated with fall. You can conveniently reflect the beauty of the season through a fresh paint, curtain, sheets, and decorative pieces to engulf your home in seasonal decor.

Autumn colours are associated with good luck, prosperity, comfort and optimism and adding the hues to your inside to match the deep and mystic beauty of fall is a good way to embrace good luck and anticipate opportunities.

Allow Fresh Air Circulations

You might have started feeling the winter chills, but it is essential to ventilate your home. Draw your curtain aside and open the doors and windows to ventilate your home. Allow fresh morning air and the early rays of sun in your home and you will see how it keeps you and your family fresh, active and happy throughout the day.

Also, get some fresh potted plants from plant vendors such as www.theplantman.com.au and get them installed inside and outdoors of your premises. As per feng shui principles, this is an omen for revival and rebirth and will sure cast a positive impact on your home.

De-clutter Your Space

Cast a critical glance inside your home, identify all the unnecessary and dispensable items and get rid of this clutter. De-cluttering is a fundamental principle of feng shui that is intended to create and maximise a seamless flow of energy within your premises.

Try a Different Internal Arrangement

Changing the curtains, placing a new wall painting, relocating the furniture will give your home a renovated appeal. Conduct vigilance for maintenance and repairs and get all the damages fixed. Get rid of the cobwebs and infestations and spray some air fresheners in your rooms, store and closets.

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