5 Factors That Can Help iOS 8 Make The Cut As The Best Apple OS Ever!

Posted on Dec 23 2013 - 10:09am by Abhilash Thakur


iOS 8 is supposed to be the new addition to the trendy techie’s world alongside the iPhone 6 in 2014. Here are 5 features that can make iOS 8 the best ever operating system from the Apple stable.

Hide and Seek!

Apple does not allow you any options to hide apps that are already installed – something that has been bugging iPhone users from the very first version. Even something akin to the ‘parental controls’ feature for hiding apps on Apple T.V. will make the cut. And while we are in love with everything Apple, being able to select and use non-Apple options for managing email, maps and surfing will also be a welcome feature though Apple doesn’t quite seem ready to think on those lines.

Spare a thought for the guests too!

Everyone should own an Apple device – at least that’s what the Apple folks think. But then, not everyone can afford to have such a huge hole burning in their pocket.  While user accounts ala OS X are not really feasible, it is not really impossible for Apple to come up with a child or guest account that is activated on a single tap and doesn’t really interfere with your settings and data and does not come with its own baggage of settings and data.

Wish managing apps was child’s play!

iOS 7, the new Apple kid on block, comes with automated apps update feature. Developers have a tough time managing iCloud app data but it should be a breeze to save and restore whenever you try your hand at reinstalling an app.

Also, developers are often forced to resort to using IAP or replacement apps. A better option would be to have the App store offering paid and trial versions.

Inter-app ‘bonding’ should be the way to go!

One common factor in everyone’s wish list is revving up the inter-app communication aspect – something that continues to be a weakling in the elements list of iOS. If a service ‘bumps’ you to some other app, most of the time restoration don’t take place even when you’ve completed performing the action.

What’s an even bigger problem is the mess that you have to face while editing documents across several apps. With copies of documents in various forms scattered throughout the individual app sandboxes, workflow can become hindered.

Easy access to all documents

Keeping with the previous ‘wish’, another factor that features on the most wanted list is that documents should be easily accessible from one common central point. Most iPhone users still bank on Dropbox as their surrogate file system since managing documents on iCloud, (the iOS service that automatically syncs your documents) involves dealing with file limitations as the data is locked in a specific app or ‘silo’.

Difficulty in attaching documents in Mail doesn’t really reflect well on the part of an operating system which has come up with its seventh version. The absence of opportunities to collaborate within iCloud document workflow also is a downer for many.

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