5 Effects Of Binge Drinking On Your Body

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Drinking excessive alcohol can never be stated a right choice because it will gift you several health problems in return. Not everyone drinks complete bottles from starting but as the time passes, both the quantity of alcohol and the need to intake increases because you get addicted to it. Alcohol invites several health problems, and sometimes all your money gets disappeared while treating the problems.

Health plans are the best way to avoid financial problems and keep the tension of hospital bills away. If you buy a health plan, it doesn’t mean you can drink as much as alcohol you want, ruining money is not a big thing, but ruining health is.

A small amount of alcohol is helpful in curing some health issues but larger the amount, greater it will affect your organs. First of all, you need to know what health problems you can face if you drink in excess.

Heart: according to researchers, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can keep you away from heart diseases but you drink regularly or drink too much on specific occasions, you might face problems like stroke, high blood pressure, stretching and drooping of heart muscles, and irregular heartbeat.

Liver: whether you have a health planor not, there is nothing good about destroying your liver. Excess of alcohol can cause liver problems like steatosis, alcohol hepatitis, fibrosis, and cirrhosis.

Pancreas: excessive alcohol can cause inflammation in the pancreas which causes swelling of blood vessels that further creates problems in proper digestion. The disease is named as pancreatitis.

Cancer: cancer is the most dangerous disease of the present time and drinking too much alcohol can raise the chances of cancers. Binge drinker can get cancer of mouth, esophagus, throat, lungs, and breast in women.

Immune system: the immune system is the guard of our body, and chronic drinkers heart their security guards themselves. If you drink too much even on occasions, the ability of your body to fight disease and infections slows down up to 24 hours, and those who drink regularly will face the issue daily.

Alcohol increases stress and feeling of sickness. It is the root of several other problems too.

Here are some tips to reduce the effect of alcohol to prevent adverse health effects.

Drink plenty of water

The simplest tip to reduce the effect of alcohol is drinking water. Drink water before, after, and especially during the drinks

Keep the alcohol content low in your drinks

You are addicted to alcohol, and you want to know what another thing you can do other than buying a health plan. Choose drinks that have a low alcohol content, like beer has comparatively less alcohol than liquor.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach

The effects of alcohol are dangerous on an empty stomach. Make sure your tummy is filled before you start on your alcohol drinks. Eat food rich in healthy fibers so that digestion of unhealthy alcohol can be made slower to prevent its absorption.

Detox remedy

A homeopathic detox remedy can be the best solution if you can’t control yourself in front of alcohol. Use the product before, during, and after the period to reduce most of the effectson your body.

Know your limits

You should not emphasise on increasing the limit. Know your limits and try to decrease it every day to get rid of this bad habit. Even at parties, don’t drink too much. Try to add alcohol free drinks in a larger amount to avoid an excess of alcohol.

These are not the perfect ways to eliminate the bad effects of alcohol, but these can be helpful to reduce the negative sides.

Many people suffer from serious health problems due to excess of alcohol, and some of them lose their life because of financial issues. Once started the treatments of disease goes long and is very expensive. You do not need to think of contracting a dangerous disease.But there is nothing wrong in preparing for the problems that may come unexpectedly. A health plan such as dedicated heart and cancer planis the best way to stay prepared for any problems in future. Family health insurance planis perfect to take care of your family and yourself in the one go.

Why Heart & Cancer Plan?

Normal comprehensive health insurance plans could be quite expensive if you try to buy a sum insured adequately to cover the cost of treatment of cancer and heart ailments. However, heart and cancer plan has multiple benefits over normal Mediclaim. Two most distinguishable features are:

  • Covering all stages of the disease
  • The benefit is payable on diagnosis regardless of the actual expense

That means, the insurance not only covers the cost of treatment but also, provides financial backup to the family. This backup is important, as often treatment for this disease lead to temporary income loss.

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