5 Crisis Situations In The Nation That Don’t Get Enough Attention

Posted on Mar 2 2017 - 8:54am by Editorial Staff

While there has been plenty of coverage in the media about issues like immigration, terrorism, and healthcare options, there are other critical topics that don’t get very much attention. Many of these situations have the potential to explode and make things very bad for people in this country. It’s important to bring these issues to light to the public and to take actions to help make lawmakers more aware of the potential for disaster. Here are five serious issues in this country that haven’t gotten the attention they deserve.

Aging Infrastructure

There is a huge problem that has the potential to affect millions of people all throughout this country, the aging infrastructure. Researchers have determined the network of roads, bridges, public works, and more are in danger of failing. These essential parts of the structure of the nation need huge increases in funding to rebuild or repair everything that is broken. Many of these projects were built decades ago, and unfortunately, local and federal government dollars haven’t properly funded the maintenance. If you want to help boost this issue in the public forum, contact your local lawmaker and express its importance.

Gerrymandered Political Districts

Another serious problem in the nation that hasn’t received much attention in the political arena has to do with how voting districts are organized. Congressional districts in America are often determined not by geographic closeness, but by partisan views. This is called gerrymandering, and it involves manipulating a district so it is more likely to vote for one political party over the other. There are both Republican and Democratic districts that follow this trend. It’s important to express outrage at this issue to your legislator to help reduce the chances of it affecting your region.

Water Supply Shortages and Contamination

Access to clean water is something that seems like a given in this country, but there are several regions in the United States that don’t have this simple right. One example of this problem in action is what is currently happening in Flint, Michigan. The water in Flint has been plagued with lead contamination, bringing serious problems to the thousands of children who drink it in this city. This IG Link explains how and when the water became contaminated. Students working towards an MPH degree study how to prevent major problems like this.

Childhood Poverty

While the education system in the nation has always been a hot topic, many people fail to realize how much childhood poverty is linked to poor academic performance. Students at schools like USC learn about this and other public policy issues when working on advanced study in public administration. Individuals who want to make a difference in the life of a child can help make decisions about policy if they choose to go into this field.

Privacy and Security

The final issue that isn’t getting enough attention is personal privacy and security. As lives get more connected to the online stage, more people are potentially opening up their personal information to the world. Lawmakers and public policy think tanks have a responsibility to protect individual privacy. Sometimes, the increased fear of being a victim of terrorism conflicts with this truth. It’s vital to spread the word to your congressional representatives that personal privacy shouldn’t be taken away to make the nation safer from terrorist attacks. Mobile devices, computers, phone records, and other personal details should stay private.

While this country is still a work in progress, there are plenty of things you can personally do to help move important issues into the spotlight. Being informed about the truth is an essential piece to helping spread awareness. You can learn more about many of these issues by focusing on advanced study in policy or public health topics. You can also advocate for these topics through your lawmaker’s office.

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