5 Apps You Can Use To Turn Your Phone Into The Ultimate Travel Assistant

Posted on Aug 31 2017 - 12:35pm by Jepoy Tadena

Traveling has been easier compared to the days where apps and smartphones are not yet a trend. More so, it helped aid issues, such as not registered on network on your mobile phone, and avoid high roaming charges given that it’s legal to unlock your device nowadays.

Aside from physical mobile issues, there are also apps that can help you enjoy your trip even more. From managing your finances to planning your itinerary, to looking for destinations you can do all of this from the comfort of your device.

What are they? Here are our top 5 apps that you can use in order to convert your phone into the ultimate travel assistant!

Google Trips

Google Trips is the ultimate travel app on the go. It helps plan and organize your trips in one place, making it easier, faster, and seamless. It also suggests a handful of great places and things to do for the day.

What more? It helps you find great destinations such as cafes and parks that are just right around the corner. Additionally, it helps organize your travel information through collecting them from your Gmail account and allows you to access it even offline.


Communication is important as you travel from across nations, and is most significant for business travels. Thanks to technology, there’s Skype. Skype is free to use, hence it makes a practical choice whether you’re calling or video calling someone. It’s also easy to use as well as features for example, group video chat, which is important when you want to share your travels with your friends or if you have an emergency meeting at the office.

More so, it’s portable given that you can install it in every device possible, smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet. Definitely a must have application!

Trail Wallet

Keeping track of your expenditures as you travel maybe agonizing, but worry no more, Trail Wallet is here to save your day. With its capability to show you both your expenses and the money left in your budget, you’ll never fall short on managing your money. More so, it helps you keep track of your finances on a daily and monthly basis, making it a habit.

Furthermore, it also includes a currency calculator allowing you to compute your expenses without shifting to other apps. What a great tool to have!


TripIt is a travel itinerary planner. It’s a great app to use when you are having a hard time planning out your trip. You may just need to book a flight, car rental, restaurant, and hotel, and the app will take care of your plans for the day, allowing you to save time and allot your extra time into other important tasks.

Even more, it’s also accessible in every other device you have so long as you install the app on it. Even offline access isn’t a problem as you can access your itinerary even without connection!

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is among the most well-known and great app when looking for destinations and tourist attractions around the vicinity. This gives you a wide variety of options that you can choose from as you look for a great place to spend your leisure time. Not only that, it also gives you an overview of the reviews people write over a particular place, further allowing you to decide better.

It’s also a great app even before you travel, given that it displays the lowest hotel rates and airfares on a specific time and date.

Key Takeaway

Truth be told that technology has made traveling easier than ever with these apps. No need to think about your expenditures, routine, places to go to, or even communicating with your loved ones. Now, you can easily access them in the comfort of your phone and other devices!

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