4 Ways Smartphones Are Making Us Smarter

Posted on Jul 3 2017 - 10:29am by Editorial Staff

Did you know that our smartphones are making us smarter every day that we use them? Sure, a lot of people would say that using your phone all of the time and constantly being on social media networks is no good for our intelligence. However, at no point in history has so much education and access to opportunity been available in the palm of our hands. Keep reading down below for the top reasons why smartphones are making us more intelligent than ever before. And then get on that smartphone of yours and feel that intelligence flowing through your brain!

We Get Information the Way That We Want It

You can now customize your smartphone like never before. It’s been shown that when we learn the way that we want to and access information in the way we like, then we are going to be able to learn faster and more efficiently. That means that you can customize your phone to have any number of apps on there and you can learn how you want to.

They Capitalize on Shared Knowledge

One of the best reasons why smartphones are making us smarter is the fact that they are capitalizing on the shared knowledge economy. With the rise of the Internet, we now have access to some great intelligence that many people never have before. For example, you can Google pretty much anything that you want to know and get answers to your questions. You can learn about everything from medical advances to how to change a light bulb to some ancient history. All you have to do is have a smartphone and a connection to the Internet, and don’t forget to look smart when you are one inside, so get your phone a stylish case. Then, the world, the galaxy, and the universe are yours for the taking!

They Improve Our Memory Functioning

When you use your smartphone, you are going to be freeing up memory space in your mind that you would normally be using for more mundane information. You can then use that memory to remember more important pieces of information – like new history facts that you found or how to do something you’ve always wanted to do. This is one of the best ways that smartphones are making us more intelligent by using them on a daily basis.

They Might Even Be Improving Our Nonverbal Reasoning

It’s also been shown that by using your smartphone on a regular basis, you are also improving your ability to reason in a nonverbal manner. This is potentially leading to an overall increase in the IQ of humans everywhere who have access to smartphones. This is because when you use your smartphone, your brain is making connections that it doesn’t make when doing other mundane tasks. You are learning what apps connect to what, how you can search for something and get the information automatically, and you are processing information in an entirely new and quick manner. When these nonverbal reasoning skills increase, we are able to make decisions more quickly, reason through tough matters more efficiently, and have an overall higher intelligence.

This is great for those people who don’t have the ability to go to a school or who aren’t that great in physical school settings. They can then use their smartphone to learn how to reason in a nonverbal manner and process through information. This means that more people now have access to education than ever before!

There you have it! These are the top reasons why our smartphones are making us smarter. Don’t let anyone tell you differently – when you use your smartphone on a daily basis, you are going to be increasing your intelligence in both a direct and indirect way.

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