4 Ways To Advertise Your Business

Posted on Jul 27 2017 - 3:47pm by Editorial Staff

An integral part of a succesful business is successful advertising. Advertising is how you ensure that your business is seen by people, it gets people’s interest and captivates them. Without it, not many people would know about your business, meaning you wouldn’t be as successful! With that being said, it can be difficult knowing how to correctly advertise your business, so here are the best 4 things you can do.

TV Ads

This is an expensive option, however it is the most effective in terms of exposure! Television ads are put up in between program breaks in order for people to watch your ad. This obviously exposes people to your company because your advert is on their screen! Making an ad can be difficult, you need to make sure it’s short enough as to not bore people, but long enough so that you can get enough information across as possible. If you need help creating an ad, read this for some excellent help. The cost of the air time simply depends on the company. For channels that have small audiences it doesn’t cost a lot to get your ad some airtime, but for larger channels like AMC it will be more expensive due to the amount of people who watch the channel, so make sure you choose wisely!


This stands for Search Engine Organization, and is one of the more modern ways to advertise your company! What it does is raise your website up the list on a when someone uses a search engine, so you will come higher up! This benefits you because it gives you priority over other companies in a search engine, so more people will see your website! Websites like DigitalLogic.co offer SEO services for your website, though this has different uses depending on what your business is focused on. If your business primarily uses a website to interact with customers then this is heavily recommended! However if you are a more specialized business that relies more on word of mouth and phone calls it won’t benefit you as much but is still worth doing!

Social Media

For the younger generation, social media dominates the world of communication. It allows them to catch up with what their friends are doing, they can message their friends, view other accounts that post interesting facts, the list goes on! Social media is very popular, and due to this it is excellent to advertise on them. Companies like Facebook have a section for dedicated business ads, meaning that you can choose how many people you want to see your ad with the appropriate price for it. The ad can be in the form of a picture, a banner, or even a suggested page that a person should view. This is excellent as it really gets your business the exposure it needs, however, with all types of advertising, there is not a guaranteed return on this, so make sure you can hit your target audience with this well!


First and foremost, check what state you live in for this one! In a few states, the use of billboards is banned so do check before you buy one, realizing you can’t use it! Billboards are huge signs that are often placed right next to a busy highway or intersection. They don’t move, meaning throughout any given day the billboard is seen by a lot of people as they drive past. Because of the sheer amount of exposure, it can be very good to pay to rent one of these! Billboards often will have big advertising banners on them, simple and large due to the fact that people are driving and won’t have time to take down details! Companies like Lamar offer billboard rental, all you have to do is choose your design! Make sure it’s simple, not too flash, has your company’s name on it and the number (though this is not guaranteed to work) for the best results. Anything too complex and people won’t look, but if you keep it simple people are more likely to!

Doing any of these is guaranteed to get more people aware of, and interested in, your business! Advertising is a very key part of business, even the best companies still need to advertise so they can get more exposure and even more customers! There are also some more modern ways of advertising that haven’t been covered here, if you’d like to find out more about them then read this!

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