3 Ways To Protect Your iPhone Against Theft Using An iPhone Tracking App

Posted on May 7 2015 - 12:58pm by Editorial Staff

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Let’s get straight to the business. Your iPhone is not only an expensive product but there is also just so much useful data stored within it that you can’t dare to lose. There is a way to not only protect that precious data but also the phone itself through XNSPY’s iPhone tracking app. 3 distinct features of this smartphone tracking app are:

  1. View current Location: the app uses your phone’s GPS to get real time location. So you never live with the fear of losing your smartphone. To use the app, you need to download it through XNSPY’s website. Enter all the necessary information asked for and they will give you a username and password. Using the access code, you will get into their control panel where all the features of XNSPY including tracking are organized in a minimalistic fashion. So if your phone is stolen, log in to your account and get the live location details. Once the app is installed, it goes into stealth mode, so no one knows if it’s there in your iPhone
  2. View location history: this feature keeps the logs of all the places that you have visited. The list contains all the necessary information including time and data stamps for your convenience. Location tags are also shown over a map for better and quick understanding. Just click on the tag and get the location details.
  3. Geofence: you will have to use this feature very smartly for the tracking purpose. Through XNSPY’s webpage, you can set your home, office or any other location where you visit often as authorized and all other areas as unauthorized. So if your phone is taken away from the allowed area, an alert is sent to the control panel.

It’s very important that there is a tracking app installed in your iPhone. Your iPhone has all the details of your credit card numbers, bank accounts, saved in their ‘Wallet’ application. In case your phone is lost or stolen, ensure no one breaks into your information using these two tips:

  1. Lock your phone using XNSPY’s remote control.
  2. Wipe data over your phone. Make sure that you have created a back-up of all your important data. Using the app, all of your photos, videos, contacts, IM chats, call logs are saved on a cloud server so u don’t have to do it yourself.

If you love your iPhone and data, get XNSPY’s iPhone tracking app which is affordable, reliable and effective.

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