3 Totally Wild Reasons Why You Must Visit Dubai

Posted on Nov 20 2013 - 1:21pm by Julie Robert


Dubai has various sides; many of us related the state primarily with huge and wild structures and ever on expansion in its infrastructure, but fail to look at the adventurous deals she offers to the tourists. If Dubai can built artificial islands, she can surely surprise you with things that are equally grand and packed with mind-blowing adrenaline rush. Forget the boring grand hotels and their lavish interior that remind you of museums and be the young and wild souls to see what lies beneath and beyond all that luxury. If you want something new out of the tried and tested vacation in Dubai then read on to know what most of the people out there are too scared to try in Dubai.

Reason No. 1

Watched enough of jeep manoeuvre videos on YouTube where young Arabs make use of their wide and traffic free highways to cause internet frenzy? You too can now find out how they do so by being on the front seat with these crazy drivers. There are various underground jeep clubs where like minds get together to explore how their cheap oil, endless loads and luxury cars can be more satisfying for them. The car racers and fans who visit Dubai can get real time action by making the right connections. You will only need an Arab friend who knows what wonders driving can do if you know how to do it. When done in desert, jeep safari can be equally thrilling only that you do not have to look for the road signs and worry about other road safety measures.

Reason No. 2

Dubai is for offering its guests a matchless hospitality in terms of staying options (you can check some of them at Bayut.com) and dinning spot but none of these facilities have been as enthralling as dining in the sky. This unique service helps you choose your venue, menu and entertainers. You can also have breakfast, lunch, cocktail party or even meeting in the sky. A deck with room for 32 guests is hung in the air through a crane operated by team of professionals. Depending on your choice, you can also go for another deck parallel to yours with entertainers, musicians and dancers to entertain your guests. You can make a simple lunch or dinner a memory of lifetime by arranging it in the sky. By being 50 metres high in the ground, you can see for real how truly majestic Dubai is as well as be the proud host to offer your guest a time of their life.

Reason No. 3

It would be unfair if we missed to restate how enchanting the Arabian Desert can be for those who have not been in the quite outdoors lately. For the wild ones, Dubai desert is equally captivating. You can surf the desert dunes in a variety of manner and enjoy the BBQ in late night hours along with belly dance and sheesha smoking. Many private clubs can plan a day or night or both trip for you in the desert where you can surf the dunes on skateboards, jeeps, bikes or buggies. You can also explore the desert on camels and horses. The choices for making the use of desert in Dubai’s way are many; you can make your own combo and enjoy the Arabian days and nights in the wild peninsula.

It is very likely that you will find oodles of related wild and crazy things to do in Dubai once you are there and end up forming a list of your own reasons to visit the state next time. Every time you will visit here, Dubai will keep you entertained.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Theodore Scott

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