3 Tips For Modernizing Your Brand

Posted on May 8 2017 - 8:45pm by Editorial Staff

With the speed and accessibility of modern marketing tactics, it can be easy to see new branding out and about or online, and become worried about the state of your own brand. If you feel that your brand if falling behind your close competitors, it may be time for a bit of rebranding with an emphasis on modern conventions. Here are three great ways to modernize your brand…

Simplify the Vision Statement

The first thing you need to do when modernizing your brand is to look at the vision statement. Part of this is linked in with how your business has developed and evolved since you last drafted the statement. There’s probably at least a couple of details in there that have changed over the years. The other side of this is the fact that there’s been a gradual shift towards shorter, sweeter vision statements amongst businesses in recent years. The modern consumer, and the modern anyone for that matter, is very impatient. You’re going to need to grab their attention in just a few words if you want them to stick around on that “About Us” page and read the rest of your statement. Cut out any of the unnecessary fluff, and get to the point in a brief, but eloquent statement.

Go Green

With most brands, the values and practices that they emphasize in their branding materials is largely down to certain particulars about the company and the niche it exists within. However, if there’s one thing that absolutely every business should be making a point of in their branding these days, it’s how eco-friendly they are. Being green is of massive importance to modern consumers, particularly millennials. If you neglect to make your business green, and tell the world about it, your marketing will quickly fall behind your competitors’. Making some simple changes, like buying more recycled materials in your supply chain and switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs, can make a huge difference to the way you’re perceived by the public. You may even want a full environmental consulting service from a firm like this: g2ci.com. You don’t have to go out and lie down in front of bulldozers, but putting an emphasis on green business is absolutely essential if you want your brand to survive in the modern arena.

Tidy Up your Logo

We couldn’t have a post on branding without talking about your logo, could we? A lot of modern businesses are still putting out ads and business cards with an outdated logo full of superfluous frills. Talk to whoever’s in charge of graphic design, and start brainstorming ideas for a modern re-design. You may want to check out websites like justcreative.com. Unless you’re running a business with an emphasis on archaisms, the most important thing is to get rid of any unnecessary, flamboyant frills. Get rid of all the shading, gradients, icons, boxes and text that doesn’t need to be there. Then, see what this leaves you with, and start building up from there. Remember, minimalism is key!

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