3 Quick And Secure Ways To Transfer Data Between iPhone And iPhone

Posted on May 2 2018 - 9:44am by Editorial Staff

Switching to a new iPhone! Yes, you must be very excited about your new phone. but, what about the old one, what will you do with that, will you sell it or give it your younger siblings. Well! You may have some plans for that as well. But, don’t forget that it still has your valuable data like contacts, messages, photos and more. Hope that you don’t want to lose them and you still need them of course, you are switching to a new mobile, not to a new life where you don’t need the data saved on your old phone. Simply transfer the entire data to your new iPhone.

Have you done this before? No, then don’t worry it’s easy and it will take few minutes only. We have listed three simple methods for transferring the entire data in fast and quick manner.

Method 1- Using iCloud To Transfer iPhone to Another iPhone

Using iCloud is not only a simple method but also you don’t need a PC or Mac for the same. However, your original device should have iCloud setup. First, back up the data of your old device using iCloud. For backup- go to settings, click on iCloud, scroll down and click on “storage and backup”. Click on “backup on now” option. Your backup is ready!

Open your new iPhone and go to settings, click on “restore from iCloud backup”. Wait for a while and let the data gets transferred. If you have a slow internet connections then try the other method.

Method 2- Transfer data between iPhone and iPhone with effective tool

As you can see , there is an effective tool that can help you to transfer messages , pictures ,contacts , videos ,music and other data between iPhone and iPhone ,

Here are some simple steps :

  • Step 2- Connect both your old and new iPhone to PC. The software will detect both devices.

  • Step 3- Swap the positions of devices if the old one is not detected as a source device.
  • Step 4- Select the data content such as contacts, music, bookmarks, messages, photos and other. Once you have decided what you need on your new device, click on data transfer.

The process will take few minutes, so be patient and let the software do its work. If your data is stored in iTunes or iCloud, skip this process and simply click on restore option. Your new device is ready for use.

Method 3- Transfer data from iPhone to Another iPhone with iTunes

Don’t worry if you have low iCloud storage, you can still transfer the data between two devices. However, you need PC or Mac for this method. This method is fast in comparison to the rest of methods even if you have the slow internet connection. Connect your device to the Mac or PC and launch iTunes. Choose the backup option and once its finish, disconnect your phone. Now, switch on your new iPhone. A setup screen will appear, click on restore from iTunes backup. Click on next button and connect your new device to PC or Mac whatever you are using.

In iTunes, Go to the restore menu and select the recent backup, click continue. After completion, your new iPhone will reboot. Your data is transferred and you are ready to use the new iPhone.


To transfer data from iPhone to another iPhone ,You can choose the one you think will help you , I have tried these three methods of them, as far as i know , the Method 2 is simpler and faster than other methods. What is more , There will be no loss when you running it ,

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