3 Must-Haves For An Appealing Brand Profile On Social Media

Posted on May 26 2017 - 5:34pm by Editorial Staff

It’s never been more important for businesses to be active on social media than it is today. Popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have quickly become prime marketing platforms due to their low set-up and maintenance costs, millions of users, and effective advertising options. Using social media, businesses can connect with billions of people and expose their brand to a substantially larger target audience.

But, here’s the catch – with so many businesses, pages and more signed up to social networks today, the trick to achieving success lies in making your business profile stand out from the rest. Here are our top tips on how to do just that.

#1. Creative Graphics

Before a visitor even clicks through to like your brand’s page, the first things that they are going to see are the graphics. Depending on the format of your page’s thumbnail at the time, they could see your profile picture alone, or a larger preview of both your profile and banner photographs. Since first impressions will count a lot towards whether the view turns into a like or even a purchase, creating appealing, interesting graphics that grab the attention of your viewer is important. You can use this banner maker tool to create an eyecatching social media banner photo.

#2. High Engagement

When visitors click through to your brand’s social media profile, they’re likely going to be put off by a low level of engagement. If your brand rarely ever updates its status or tweets, for example, visitors are going to wonder if there is any point in clicking the ‘follow’ button. Be sure to promote a high level of activity across all social media profiles always; this will generate more followers and create a larger community. Do this by posting polls, asking questions, and encouraging visitors to discuss opinions in comments or by replying on Twitter. In addition, you should also make sure that any customer queries or complaints on social media are responded to quickly.

#3. Great Content

Without content, social media would be a rather boring place. From status updates to news articles and videos, social media has quickly become a public ‘one stop shop’ for all kinds of information, ranging from breaking world news to where your friends went to eat last night. When social media users follow a page or brand, they do so because they believe they will be able to access more interesting content as a result. Create and share content such as articles, infographics, videos, lists, or quizzes that are relevant to your brand and will spark the interest of your potential followers. You can also improve your results by creating more interactive content; for example, encourage viewers to request new blog posts, videos, and more to ensure that you are meeting their needs.

Social media is one of the best platforms available today when it comes to marketing your brand and increasing exposure. But, being present alone on social media is not enough to help you stand out from the competition.

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