10 Ways To Make Your Multilingual PPC Successful

Posted on Jul 18 2013 - 12:58am by Jason Smith

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A multilingual PPC campaign can get you a good number of site visits from around the world. However, since it is a big investment, you should pay attention to a few important details. Here are the 10 Ways To Make Your Multilingual PPC Successful:

#1 Treat every customer differently

You cannot ignore that culturally, everyone is different. That is why the search behavior of every customer differs as well.

Just because you are targeting a single continent, it does not mean that you will have to use the same technique. For instance, the PPC campaign that you launched for the English consumers will be different from the one that you launched for the German clients. You will have to choose relevant words that will act as triggers for people belonging to different cultures.

#2 Keyword translation is a bad idea

In a multilingual environment, you cannot simply take keywords from one language, translate them into another and believe that they will fetch you traffic. Remember, keywords are popular terms that people of a specific area use while searching for a definite item/service.

Therefore, you will have to look for the exact terms that the internet-surfers use while browsing the web. Mere translations will only provide you with words that have similar meanings. If you have a term in English then you should look for its colloquial equivalent in the target language.

#3 Invest in local search engines

Not every individual is comfortable searching through Google.com. People in the non-English world prefer to launch web searches in their own languages. Since the number of such people is impressive, you should not hesitate to customize your PPC campaign for area-exclusive search engines like Baidu (China) and Yandex (Russia).

#4 Mix with the locals but do not forget to offer good products/services

Customizing your brand in a particular market that you are aiming to capture is a brilliant idea. However, if you put too much focus on making your brand similar like the local ones then you will lose your edge and distinct identity.

You should rather let the international consumers know that you are an international brand that has the potential to serve them better than the local companies do. They will choose you define if you convey your message clearly and offer them good quality services/products.

#5 Offer relevant benefits only

The benefits that your product offers should have relevance in the international environment. Launching a research on consumer behavior will provide you with relevant information about your potential consumers.

If you sell high precast concrete products then you should search the percentage of the population that prefers this. In case, the percentage is very low then you may have to change the form of offering your product. For instance, you may introduce products including CarbonCast.

#6 Accreditation acquired in one market may not work for another

You may have won several excellence awards for your superior quality services. However, do not pin too much hope of gaining instant consumer following because of them. Your accreditation may not inspire the international audience to click your ads right away. You have to understand that they may not be familiar with the prestige and honor associated with these awards and hence, they may fail to appreciate them.

Nevertheless, you could flaunt those awards that you have won by meeting their quality standards.

#7 Take cues from local festivals

On the western markets, buying is a norm during the Christmas. Similarly, you could track your target market and make your entry at a time when people are ready to spend money freely.

For instance, entering the Japanese market at the beginning of their traditional new year is a good idea, as during that time people show higher interest in purchasing new items.

#8 Your home PPC experts may not be able to handle international campaigns

As it is proven by the previously mentioned points, a thorough foreign market research is important before you make an entry into it. You should let your PPC agency know that you would like them to work in coordination with the PPC partners on the foreign market.

#9 Know about your competitors

Apart from knowing about the consumer behavior, you should have knowledge about your rival brands too. Look into their offers and discounts. Of course, your offers should be more attractive and your products should have lower prices.

#10 Respecting the law is important

You will be a stronger player in the market if you play by the rules. Before launching the PPC campaign, confirm that your campaign is going to be as per the law of the land. If you need permission from the authority on any aspect, obtain it in writing and then go ahead with your campaign.

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