10 Strangest Musical Instruments

Posted on Aug 3 2013 - 2:18pm by Jeffery Hunter


Here is the list of world’s 10 strangest musical instruments that left the music fans & rest of the world astonished with their eeriness. Have a quick look:

The Theremin

This is at top position of our list since this strange instrument led to invention of many more bizarre instruments in the music world. This is an instrument that is played without touching it physically. Theremin was invented by Leon Theremin, Russian, in the year 1919 and consisted of 2 metal antennas with a couple of radio frequency oscillators. The amplified electrical signals are sent to loudspeaker to play music.

12 Neck Guitar

This is certainly a weird one since who really wish to play a 12 neck guitar that has total 72 strings of pure power (Of course the player needs to have at least 3 or 4 arms to play it properly). The number two of our list was invented by a Yoshihiko Satoh.

The Badgermin

This one’s quite strange and easy to make too. Just get a Theremin and stick inside a dead badger. Yes, it actually contains a dead cute honey badger.  This instrument sounds same like a Theremin but just with the difference of weird dead Badger.

The Viennese Vegetable Orchestra

Next in the countdown is a full orchestra made of none other than – Vegetables. These instruments can be a hot favorite among veggie lovers because you can buy vegetables in the morning, then carve them into musical instruments and play in the evening and what else eat them at night and repeat the process next morning.

The Zeusaphone

This is a more of a sci-fi musical instruments since this one exhibits electrifications due to the high frequency & low voltage coils in it and that is why it has been named over the God of thunder – Zeus.

Laser Harps

Love Jean Michel Jarre? Then you must be aware of this strange musical instrument which he uses in his live concerts. The laser harp comprise of numerous laser beams that produce musical sounds. These lasers are plucked together making the shape of a harp.

The Singing Ringing Tree

Why look for one or two strange instruments when a full tree is available. This musical tree is present at the top of a desolate hilltop in England’s Lancashire. This is one of the world’s most unusual & strange musical sculptures designed by Anna Liu and Mike Tonkin. This sculpture comprises of several pipes that are cut & stacked in some spiral fashion. The best part is when wind blows this tree produces a mesmerizing echoed tones.

The AK-47 guitar

This is an AK-47 that has been transformed into an electrical music guitar. Why? Even we don’t know.

The Glass Armonica

This strange instrument comprises of 37 glass bowls, all prearranged on a spindle. These are slowly spun and the player with mere wet fingers touches them to play music.

Pikasso Guitar

This guitar has total 4 necks and 42 strings and is perfect for those who want to try unique things.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Larry Jacobsen

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