10 Reasons Why Interns Are Good For Startups

Posted on Dec 22 2012 - 10:10am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Sammy works with Chinese internship organization Tic Two and writes articles on how to make the most of one’s internship.



Internships are good for the student; there is no doubt about it. But are they equally beneficial for Startups? Yes, even the Startups are benefited with the internships. There are several reasons behind it and here are few of them listed below.

  • Bigger Talent Pool – Every startup wants best people and right talent for them. Through the internship program, they filter people and it is a good way of getting talented people for their startups.
  • More affordable – Interns represent cheap labor and this benefit the Startups. College students will be hungry of experience for their careers; they won’t bother much about the salary packages when working for the first time. Startups want manpower and through internship programs, they pick the right candidates for their open positions.
  • Low Risk – Startups can get good experience on how to expand their staff so hiring interns and managing them will teach them everything like how to make a staff larger and handle them and even they will make estimation of the expenses and the people needed for their company.
  • Easy to Test New Things – In testing new ideas for the companies, interns play vital role. Employers implement different initiatives on the new interns so that their management doesn’t get affected. This way businesses gain valuable insights and also feedback on the process that has been carried out within less cost.
  • Give More Choice – Good interns can be recruited as employees later. Internship programs will help startups to test the ability and performance of the candidates before hiring them and reduce the risk of hiring people who are unfit for the roles.
  • More Positive Energy – Interns come with positive energy; they do up the task quickly and with full enthusiasm. But paid employees won’t show up such energy and take long time to make the impression.
  • Can help in Streamlining process– Internship program are very helpful in streamlining processes. Interns can help you to analyze your startup business closely if they are placed in the right departments and jobs.
  • Will Offset the Extra Workload– Startups always suffer with a huge gap between manpower and work load. Interns will help you to offset your extra work load  so your employees can focus on important tasks. It will save both labor costs and time.
  • More Flexible than Regular Employees– Interns are flexible and energetic which drives them to grasp unique positions within the startup. It helps startups to save their time and energy trying to hire someone else for the respective jobs.
  • Can Easily Adapt to Latest Trends – Interns are the college-age people who have all the awareness and are experts at networking through social media and blogging. Through this, they hold good knowledge about on going things and they can implement newer methods for building your brands with their point of you in the youth generation.
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