10 Lost Engagement Rings And How They Were Found (Infographic)

Posted on Sep 27 2013 - 11:17am by Alexandra Ashton

Getting married: the dream of most women! But before that there are a lot of extenuate tasks that must be performed like organizing the celebration, controlling the anxiety, scheduling the church and the venue and take care of dozens of last minute details. And don’t forget about recovering the engagement ring. Wait, what?! Yes, for some women, this is a real task! That’s why we bring you today ten funny stories about women who lost their engagement rings in the strangest ways, recovering them thanks to the kindness of friends, family or even strangers. There’s even the case of a husband who spent £23,000 on a ring, got married and then unconsciously sold it inside a box for £5, during a garage sale.

But what’s the story behind the engagement ring? The tradition started in 860, introduced by a decree issued by Pope Nicholas I. He implemented the ring custom as a public statement of the compromise between the grooms. The tradition spread during the Middle Ages – when only the richest people could afford a nice jewel – until today, when there’s no engagement without an engagement ring. Wearing a diamond ring as a symbol of union is blessing that same union, people believe. And diamond is the chosen material because it’s the hardest and strongest mineral on Earth, with the ability to resist fire and steel.

These facts make it the perfect material to symbolize an indissoluble bond between a man and a woman united in marriage… Unless the woman loses the ring, then we don’t really know what it means. Just check out what happened to these ten very lucky ladies, who got their rings back without a scratch. They are just an example of the big group of distracted women that manage to lose one of the most important objects of their lives.


 Infographic Credit: PurelyDiamonds.co.uk

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