10 Apps To Get For Your Teen’s Tablet

Posted on Sep 1 2016 - 8:47am by Jana Rooheart

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Teenagers and their devices have grown inseparable, and this causes many concerns to parents and teachers. However, by selecting right apps you can turn this dependence into an advantage boosting your teen’s education and instilling some beneficial habits.

My Homework Student Planner

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle

For keeping track of schedules, homework and test assignments this app is perfect due to the cross-platform implementation, intuitive interface and self-sufficiency (it does not require an internet connection to serve as a planner). What is even more convenient, it is integrated with the Teachers.io (the app for teachers), so your teen will always have an access to announcements, files, assignments and due dates, granted the teacher uses the app as well.

Khan Academy

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Web

Khan Academy is a non-profit education organization aimed to provide free education available for everyone. The app gives an access to more than 10,000 videos on various subjects – math, economics, history, etc. Its simple navigation and a search engine will help your teen to find a video related to the topic they are currently learning at school or just something that interests them. There are also questions and quizzes to evaluate how much of the lesson they remember.


Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows

This free app is a treasure trove for language learners. It teaches to write, spell and speak the foreign language you have chosen to master, and the whole program is divided into bite-size chunks, which is perfect for everyday practice and is fun because of it’sgamification approach. The teens will love it, because it is entertaining and boredom-free, to say nothing of the app’s cutest mascot. The drawback, however, is that you need the internet connection to use it. Duolingocan be used as a learning tool in its own right, or as an additional aid for language classes at school.


Compatibility: iOS, Android

If you are having a hard time helping your teen with math problems, you will probably appreciate this app. By typing in your problem, you get the step-by-step solution to it. This is a great tool to brush up your math knowledge. As for your teen, it will be a blessing for them when they get stuck on a particularly hard problem. The trick is not to overuse it when the homework is within their scope of abilities, but to apply it as an aid and reference to facilitate the studying process.


Compatibility: iOS, Android

This one is an app that you should get for your teen’s phone or tablet to put your own mind at rest. Pumpic is a monitoring tool that allows blocking inappropriate content and objectionable apps that are popular among teens. Among other things, you can take a look at what your teen is posting on social networks and what is going on in their chats. This is one of the most versatile Android parental control apps and is a must for every concerned parent.


Compatibility: iOS, Android, Web

This app offers millions of free books and stories to read, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It also enables you to write your own books. For teenagers, writing is a natural form of artistic expression, just as drawing is for younger kids, so they will definitely appreciate what Wattpad has to offer. They will be able to create their own stories and join the community of writers – both renowned and aspiring – and the ample library will always be there, at their fingertips.


Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows

For teens, who are serious about drawing, there is this beautiful professional artistic tool. It is intuitive and suitable for people with all levels of skills in drawing and painting. The sketches can be created and edited across multiple devices. The app also has a cool option of a video: one can record the process of drawing and share it with the others. The minor drawback is a somewhat limited number of tools in the free version.


Compatibility: iOS, Android

TED Talks is a brilliant collection of speeches by remarkable people on every topic – from science to psychology. TED Talks are educational, inspiring, funny and comprehensible – perfect for teenagers to learn about the world around them and themselves. The app will provide the access to the vast library of videos, allowing you to view, bookmark or download them to watch later. It also suggests a playlist based on topic and duration of previously watched videos.


Compatibility: iOS(iPad)

The aim of this interactive app is to teach young learners about the sound: how it travels, how and why we perceive it the way we do and why the hearing degrades with age. Amazing facts and fun activities will sparkle your teen’s interest in science (to be frank, they are equally entertaining and enticing for older folks as well). One can record a sample audio and play around with it for hours, gaining a solid knowledge about the sound.

HowStuff Works

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Web

Articles, videos, podcasts, and quizzes from the renowned edutainment website are now available in the mobile app. You should have an internet connection, though, to access all these gems. Another thing to consider is that HowStuffWorks covers some controversial topics, such as alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, racial issues, and violence, but approaches them responsibly and discreetly. Therefore, the rating is 13+ and it is up to you, whether you want your child to access these themes.

With these apps on their tablet, your children will get smarter every day while having an exciting and safe time online!

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