10 Amazing Gadgets For A Happier Office

Posted on Aug 9 2013 - 1:23am by Theresa Harris


Working in an office can sometimes not be so fun.

Whether it’s the mid-afternoon lull after a big lunch or just trying to get the day started sometimes it seems like an impossible task to do any work at all. People need to have their office be a place they can always unwind and relax so that they can do productive work, one of the ways of ensuring a happy office is time saving gadgets or just simply fun ones. By creating a good atmosphere in the office you are guaranteed happy workers.

XD Design Solar Window Charger

An environmentally friendly office is a happy office, there’s nothing work when you feel like having the lights on 24/7 is why the polar ice caps are melting. Try different ways to reduce your offices energy output but this nifty gadget will help you on your way. XD Design’s solar window charger is designed to be sleek and mount easily onto any window surface with its recyclable silicone paper and it can charge with any USB device.

The Roost laptop stand

Laptop stands have been standard in most offices, if you’re using a laptop it’s likely you’re also hunching over your desk and you’re worried about permanent damage so buying a laptop stand is a good fix for that. However stands can be shoddy and if you work in different places then very few of them are easily portable. However a recent Kickstarter campaign for a stand called ‘The Roost’ has revealed itself as being incredibly durable and easily transportable, a little pricey but worth it.

Stealth Switch

This one may not impress your boss but it’ll definitely your colleagues.

The stealth switch can hide anything you’re looking at on your desktop, all operated by your foot on the switch. Most office workers have had a break from work and perused various social networking sites only to remember that their boss might come over at any minute. By having the stealth switch you can close your current window, all windows, hide desktop icons and even password protect all subtly under your desk.

Altec Lansing iPod dock or some form of radio

A tired bored office is an unhappy office. Magazines usually have music playing all day to keep their workers motivated; by creating a productive playlist everyone in the office can contribute to it creates a feeling of camaraderie and liven the place up. While some offices couldn’t work with music 24/7, try playing music for the last hour of every day, it will get rid of the end of the day lull and motivate everyone to work hard till the last minute.


A cup of coffee on a desk can be a beautiful thing; it can also be a time bomb because one grandiose gesture whilst talking could spill that coffee onto everything. The clip on cup holder can ensure that your electronics are safe from your latte and also means that your desk space remains uncluttered.


If you’re a neat freak in your office there is nothing worse with a myriad of wires cluttering up your desk. These cable clips are a sleek simple design and can stick onto any desk service, so you can decide where you want your wires to go. They can also be used for other things, keep losing your headphones in this office? Stick them onto your desk with a cabledrop and you’ll never lose them again.

USB beverage warmer and cooler

There are lots of devices that can warm your coffee but this nifty device can also cool it down. Offices during hot and cold weather can really put a dampener on any workers mood. So having a hot cup of coffee in the winter and freezing cold soda in the summer can really change your productive levels at work.

Excalibur USB Foam Fan

Summer in the office can be brutal sometimes.

When a heat wave strikes being in an office can be awful, especially with a strict dress code, there’s nothing worse than sweltering in a suit. The Excalibur USB foam fan is a great alternative to an under desk fan, with its foam blades there’s no chance of you getting your legs bruised or it making a clattering noise when you eventually knock it over by accident.

USB Posture Alert

Posture is very important in an office setting. A bad back can lead to an uncomfortable day and that’s no incentive to work. This unit sits on top of your computer and warns you when your eye line has slipped due to you leaning too far forward, there’s a warning chime but fortunately that can be turned off.

Andrea Air Purifier

Sometimes offices can feel too artificial and a little bit of green is welcome. This insanely cool gadget is a plant that also doubles an air purifier, it’s designed gorgeously giving you that much needed earthy vibe as well as cleaning the room’s air.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Mike Sisk

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