1 In 5 Internet Users Are From China (Infographic)

Posted on May 7 2012 - 9:16am by Editorial Staff

China, the country known for its population seen tremendous growth and now with moving time it accounts for having more than half a billion internet users or we can say it as 1 in 5 internet users are Chinese – great number isn’t. As of December 2011, 38.3% of China’s population was online, up from just 10.5% in 2006 whereas 51% of the country’s population live in urban areas and do make up 74% of the country’s internet users.

What makes the whole scenario interesting is that instead of even having 38.3%, China’s internet penetration rate is higher than the global average rate but although it is far below than that of United States and Europe. Another interesting fact is that Chinese user spends 18.7 hours average time per week while that of an American user spend 19.5 hours. China also bags the second largest population of online users that is 145 million people as that of 170 million people in United States as of November 2011 stats.

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